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    How to control Timeline Animation to use mouse click (mouse Down) ?


      I have create a animation in adobe edge , i just want to control  my animation to use mouse Down click.


      if push right click animation start, if left click go reverse on timeline, if mouse stop then the animation will be stop.


      Please suggest some thing.

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          jbowden Adobe Employee

          I'd suggest choosing a more intuitive way of navigating your timeline.


          By default, mouse events in browsers are looking at your left-click type of event. If you want to learn more about how other mouse events are handled in each browser, take a look here:


          Browser Mouse Event Test Page


          Test your desired mouse events in as many browsers as you expect to support, because it's possible that not all browsers handle these non-default mouse events in the same way. For instance, you'd have to write your own contextmenu event handler and call it (and also suppress each browser's built-in right-click handlers), but that would still fire your mousedown and mouseout default events when you click and release the right-click button, so you'd also have to overwrite the default behavior on those events as well.