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    Sizing dynamic movie clips

      I have a project I am working on that has a scroll window on the main page and the movie clip displayed in it changes. All of the movie clips that get displayed in the scroll window are all dynamically made through actionscript loading all of the info from PERL scripts usingLoadVars().

      For some reason I cannot figure out yet there is like a full page worth of empty space at the bottom of each movie clip so as you scroll down once you hit the end of the content it will still scroll down atleast another page worth. Any ideas how I can stop that so the scrolling will stop when the content ends?
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          MotionMaker Level 1
          MovieClip _height and _width properties are never larger than the content inside.

          If you are moving the MovieClip using the _x or _ y property perhaps it is possible the scroller is miscalculating.

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            Germ77 Level 1
            Thats what I was thinking as well, Any ideas what I would look for to find what is causing the problem? as far as I can tell everything is just blank, and if I manually set the height value for the movie clip it does squish everything and still include the blank space so it looks like flash thinks something is there.

            Or is there a way I can set the height of the movie clip forcing it to cut off anything below? adjusting the height value just forces the entire movie to display into that size, cutting it off at that height value would resolve my problem as well.
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              MotionMaker Level 1
              The blank space needs to be identified. Something in the clip is making it larger than what you see. That item could have the visible property false or alpha of 0. It could be a mask. It could something with the same color as the background.
              Again the _height and _width property are reporting the distance the contents of the clip are creating and not one pixel more.
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                Germ77 Level 1
                Found the problem and just figured I would post it, thanks for the help MotionMaker.

                It was a chart that I have a function for, it just draws a chart and reads in a pile of values and percentages, I had all of the createTextField()'s Y values set higher than they needed to be, it looks like it was adding all of the whitespace.
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                  MotionMaker Level 1
                  Ah ha. TextFields without text.