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    Help needed! I need to reinstall LR5.5 on a new computer, but have lost the Key of the previous version 4 that probably was on the packaging. I have the Version 5 Upgrade Key but LR is asking also for the old (lost) key - PLEASE HELP!

    ge_ogre Level 1

      i have bought LR4 in 2012 on amazon and i cannot find the package that might contain the key anymore. I have to move to a new computer now and LR5 keeps asking me for the key of the old version, but i only have the upgrade key that i bought in 2013 via Adobe.


      When I installed LR5 on my old computer last year, i obviously still had the Key, because I can see that it had been entered in the help menu, but there are only dots for the numbers.


      PLEASE HELP!!!!