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    opening LR5 with latest catalog


      Everytime I close LR5 (Windows version) I back it up, but when I open LR a different version of my catalog comes up, a version that has a lot of missing photos.  The version with missing photos came about when I installed a new external hard drive, so instead of going into each folder and telling it where to find the photos on the new hard drive, I renamed the new hard drive and gave it the same "drive letter" as it had before.  Then I opened the most recent backup version of LR when the old hard drive was on, and closed LR and backed it up to the new hard drive. 


      But now, everytime I open LR it opens the old version with the missing photos.   To get the latest version of my photos I have to go into Windows Explorer and find the latest backup of LR and open it from there.  How do I fix this?


      Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.  Thanks.