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    pngs look bad on Nexus 5 (android kit kat 4.4)

    slog70 Level 1

      Hi all,

      I just created a new animation for a website and it looks good on desktop.

      But when I load it on a Nexus 5 (android kit kt 4.4) some images (the large pngs) looks really bad (just imagine a jpg with 99% compression).

      If I rotate the device the pngs look good.

      But only until I reload the page and then, the largest pngs are still bad.

      How can I solve this?

      I saved the png using fireworks cs6 in PNG interlaced. But I get the same results saving as PNG not interlaced.

      Is there an alternative to pngs?

      Or is there a workaround?

      SVGs? do they work on all devices?

      Thanks in advance for any help.