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    Lost GREP styles


      I had created a whole liste of GREP-styles and suddenly I realize they have all disappeared. Perhaps this happened when synchronizing the parameters, or by installing Indesign 2014. Does someone know where the user-created GREP-styles are stored? I could try to get them via my Time Machine.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          GREP styles are document-level attributes that you should be able to load from a previous document. Saved GREP queries for Find?Change, however, are stored as part of the user preferences. You should find a folder named Find-Change Queries in your profile or library in the same path where the InDesign Defaults preference file is stored for each version. You can copy the entire folder to a new version, or only selected queries. for more information, see Replace Your Preferences

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            wimmm Level 1

            Thanks Peter. I found the location, but unfortunately I couldn't retrace the lost GREP styles with Time Machine. I couldn't find a previous document with the styles included neither.

            I'm still troubled about how they could have disappeared like that.