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    Any script to automate stretching PDF to create bleeds?


      Hi everyone!


      I work for a Direct Mail company and we constantly get pdf's from clients that have color and artwork going to the edge but the artwork doesn't have any bleeds. When this happens, I usually place the pdf(usually 8.5" x 11") in a new InDesign document, copy each page, paste it over the original, shrink the new pasted layer to 1/8" wide and then use the Free Transform tool to expand it to 1/4" so it adds bleeds for a new pdf(which is 8.75" x 11.25" with crop marks and bleeds). And then do this for each side. If there are a few pages, it isn't a big deal but lately we are getting 20+ page pdf's and it is taking a lot more time to create. So is there a script that will automate this? Or one that will add crop marks and bleeds to an existing PDF? Unfortunately some of the documents have text going almost to the edge so I couldn't just take the pdf, expand it, and re-export it. Thanks for any help!