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    Font's won't change

    KevinAtkins Level 1

      I can't change a font on a type layer; is anyone else having this issue?


      Whether I click in the Character palette, or use the drop-down menu in the Options bar, the font refuses to change. I can select any font in the list, with mouse or keyboard, but it won't change the damn font.


      I first noticed this a few days ago, when it happened sporadically whilst I was working. I'm currently working on a very simple document (a web button), and I simply CANNOT get the font to change – it's stuck on Helvetica Regular.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You have not provided any system info, so we can't really know. on a guess I'd say this is the "jinxed" Helvetica Neue issue where Apple distributed and installed a bad version. that being the case, you need to straighten out your system fonts and remove the font then reinstall a good version from Apple. It's documented somewhere, but i haven't got a link handy...