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    Cannot print from chm


      I am delivering chm from Robohelp 11, using minitocs.

      When I click the print icon to print an individual topic, the print works

      When I click the print icon to print a selected heading and all subtopics I get this error: TextPopupInit is null or undefined, not a Function object.

      I am asked whether I want to continue running scritps, and must answer No to proceed to the print dialog.


      Does anyone know the problem and what to do about it?

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          Probably what you won't want to hear, but printing from CHM is awful and filled with potential issues.


          The best way to allow printing is to create a PDF document and add it to the folder where the CHM is stored. Then if the user wants to print, have a topic with a link of some sort that points to the PDF. They open the PDF and print from there.


          Cheers... Rick