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    converting from duotone to CYMK or RGB destroys image




      I am trying to create an example of how colours are made up so I am splitting channels, colorising and then printing the individual colour layers RGB and CYMK on to transparency and then layering them on a light box.


      I am able to convert to duo tone by doing the following things:


      converting the image to 8 bit


      splitting channels of the image, i have one rgb image and one cymk image.


      converting to duotone and colorising.


      if I save the cymk duotone images they just revert to a flat image of the target colour, all of the detail is lost see below



      If I try to change the image back to rgb or cymk, the image goes blocky, see below



      I need to import these images into inDesign to print them as I have a template that allows me to line each of the images up properly.


      why is it doing this?


      I am using creative cloud. latest version of photoshop on windows 7 64 bit.


      I am close to self harm just now as it makes no sense to me.


      any help at all would really be appreciated.