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    Problem working with avchd/.mts videos


      I have to edit a video from several .mts clips. I don't know what camera was used for the shots. My problem is whenever I try to play them in either windows media player or gom player or bs player or splash (designed for HD videos), or edit them in After Effects, I get this strange screen tearing. I have tried to convert it into .mp4 (h264), but the problem persists. I uploaded it to youtube to test it out ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTfCP-o9RiY ), but the screen tearing occurs here also as you can see.

      Does this mean that the footage is corrupt from the beginning and there is no way to fix it? The strange thing is that the guy who gave me these said he had these tearings also, but when another guy edited another video from these clips, it played without tearing, so it's not the camera's fault, it can be fixed. But if so, then how?