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    How to constrain child elements within a flexable parent?

    Level 7
      I have a Panel that I have sized to be constrained at 10 pixels top,
      bottom, left and right so that it is flexible and based on the size of
      the browser.

      Inside this I have a VBox that I want to be 100% the width of the Panel.

      Inside this I have Labels that I want to be 20% of the width of the
      VBox, so that they are 5 of them evenly spaced across.

      The text of this label maybe longer then can be displayed within the
      above constraints, that is fine and I want it to be truncated if it can
      not fit into the width equal to ~20% of the browser.

      The trouble is that if I code all the above elements with percentages
      the labels will expand and push the parent VBox beyond the width of the
      Panel and I do not want this.

      How can I constrain the widths of the Labels (or other
      containers|controls I may want to put at this level) so that it will not
      expand, without losing the flexibility of the overall design?