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    Photoshop CC 2014 ???

    Anutosh kumar singh Level 1

      Hello All,


      If any of you guys out there is facing any question with the latest version of the photoshop cc 2014 feel free to get in touch with me over here, I will be happy to help you



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          Hello. I am new to Photoshop and I have a question. I just purchased the $9.99/mo Photoshop and Lightroom package. While on Creative Cloud I noticed that some of the other apps have an "Install" button as opposed to a "Try" button. Being as they are marked "Install", I am wondering if these come with my subscription. The apps that say "Install" are:


          Bridge CC

          Edge Code CC (Preview)

          Edge Inspect CC

          Edge Reflow CC (Preview)

          Exchange Panel (for CS6 Apps)

          Extendscript Toolkit CC

          Extension Manager CC

          Gaming SDK 1.3

          Scout CC

          Touch App Plug-ins


          Thank you!

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            Anutosh kumar singh Level 1

            Yes they are the part of creative cloud subscription free extension and also some help tool which you can find more info if you search about there usage ....

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              jonlieberman Level 1

              I am not sure that I understand the (2014) versions.   Are there now duplicates for each Adobe application one that is 2014 and one that is not?   my CC on my Mac indicates that I have two versions of almost every Adobe app.  the 2014 version and the non2014 version.   What to use?

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                Anutosh kumar singh Level 1

                CC latest updates has the version name as 2014 so its the newest ones .... The ones with 2014 after every app means that apart from cc you now have the latest version of app available

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                  What's the best way to move over swatches, textures and other preferences to the CC 2014 version?

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                    Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Photoshop supports syncing which should bring over all your swatches, etc. However, you could go into the manager and find the location of these files, then upload them to the cloud for safe keeping or better yet, place a copy of them in your documents folder (windows, not sure what the folder is on mac) then it would be ready for backing up to an external drive or dvd.

                    The syncing in photoshop is suppose to upload them to the cloud for you. I have not had the need to test it yet.