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    windows 7 or 8.1?

    coonasty Level 1

      my system




      512 ssd boot

      6 wd on areca raid

      nvidia gtx 770

      mostly use photoshop, pp, ae, cinema 4d

      noticing over past few months just a general slugishness developing (got worse when adobe cc 2014 apps came out)

      this install of win 7 ult 64 bit is prolly 2 years old, maybe more.  pretty much when intel released my chip.  so im guessing a good fresh install will help alleviate some issues.

      is there any performance diff between 7 and 8.1?  dont like 8 but if things will run slightly smoother than on 7 ill switch to it since im re-installing everything anyway.  or if they the same thing, ill just stay with 7.  TIA


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          ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

          Performance is a little better on Win 8.1 but not significant. The main performance difference is around storage and network latency with what difference there is. In this case having a clean Win 7 image would likely improve what you are seeing now.




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            coonasty Level 1

            roger that.  i dont think 8.2 is gonna change up much either from 8.1 for an adobe performance increase then.  hopefully 9 will give us something to jump on.  just like ME and Vista, 8 was the skip OS