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    [AS 2.0 Flash 8 pro]Flv Security problem.. i think

      Hi all,

      I'm building an application that consists of a projector file (.exe) that is run locally and which loads various swf files form my remote server. I only get the following errorwhen i load a swf from from the server that is supposed to play flv from the same server... :

      *** Security Sandbox Violation ***
      Connection to null halted - not permitted from http://localhost/TVTOUR_CMS/main/cli...video_test.swf
      -- Remote SWFs may not access local files.

      I tried adding a Domain Policy File on my server but it did not work, and I also tried different combinations of export settings. I've stuc on this for weeks!!!! If someone could check the linked file it would be great, it's onlytwo files and less than 20 lines of code in all :)

      Test Files

      Here is the code: