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    Microsoft Application Virtualization (APP-V) and Citrix


      Our company has Creative Cloud for Teams and I am trying to deploy the application using Microsoft App-v and Citrix Xenapp.


      I have followed the instructions to create a package for InDesign. I used that package to sequence the application in App-v. I can successfully publish the application to our Xenapp server and deploy the application through Citrix.


      The problem I am having is when the application launches through Citrix, the user is presented with a screen that indicates the license has expired and offers the ability to purchase, run the trial or goto the Creative Cloud logon screen. If you click on the button to logon, you can logon to Creative Cloud and the application runs as expected.


      What I need if for the application to just present the logon screen without having to click through the license error screen.


      Has anyone encountered this problem and found a fix for this behavior?