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    Adobe Photoshop Touch Question / Issue




      I bought Adobe Photoshop Touch some time ago for my Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and I liked it so much. Of all the apps I had for photo editing, this one gave me all I need. I used to own Adobe Photoshop CS2 on my old PC so I wanted something for my tab as well. I was very satisfied by this app until my tab died some time ago. After a pain of service and repairs, the tab worked again but it had a new issue. Anytime I used the device on something more demanding (i.e. playing games ) the tab overheated a lot and the screen started to touch itself very much as, if it was pressed all the time. After some time of struggle with it I decided to wipe it clean and pass it out to a family member who would maybe dedicate more time to fix it.


      Last month I bought myself a new device ( Sony Xperia Z ) and I was eager to get all my data on it and apps of course. To my sadness Adobe Photoshop Touch is not compatible with my device now, and it just sits there in my app list doing nothing . I could install only Photoshop Express but it does not give me the full access I had with Touch. I saw that there is another product called Photoshop Touch for smartphones and it seems to be the same as what I had only phone edition.


      My problem is that I can not get this new app unless I pay for it and I do not wish to do that because I already paid for the previous edition.


      My question is: Can I somehow obtain the Smartphone edition and the previous version ( which apparently is for tablets I suppose ) be removed from my Google Play account. I would purchase the smartphone version but there is no point in having 1 app 2 times.


      I would happily like the staff to remove my previous version from my account if they would gave me the smartphone version and I acknowledge that the tab app was more expensive than the smartphone version and Adobe will not refund me the money difference nor are they obligated to give me the smartphone version. I am just asking if it would be possible because I like that app and it's such a shame for it to be in my app list and not be used. Thank you for your time in reading this and no matter what answer I get, I will be ok with it. Have a nice day .

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          Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

          I don't think you'll have much luck. PS Touch for tablets was designed for just tablets; PS Touch for phones was designed for just phones. Touch for phones came out a little later than Touch for tablets. (By several months, if I recall.) On the brighter side, if you ended up buying Touch for phones, you'd be covered no matter which device you had.


          Both are very similar in function. I believe the only differences are their UIs; Touch for tablets is landscape-oriented-specific while Touch for phones is portrait-oriented. (Some elements are also placed differently.) I imagine this allows for maximum utilization of screen real estate and element placement.