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    What To Put on an SSD


      I just installed an SSD and put LR 5.5 on it.  My previous install was on my hard drive and of course it not only had all my images but my LR catalog, preference file, presets, etc.

      What files should go on the SSD?

      Can they be copied directly from the hard drive to the SSD?


      Thanks for your input.

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          dj_paige Level 9

          You want all your programs and operating system and Lightroom catalog on the SSD.


          photos go on a regular hard disk.


          Normally, SSD's come with software that allows you to transfer operating system and programs from the HD to the SSD, I would use that. I wouldn't try just copying things from one disk to another (except the catalog file, that you can copy if you really want)

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            krawfo Level 1

            DJ, many thanks for the reply.  Where in LR do I point to the location of the images on the hard drive?

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              ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              What is your drive arrangement, now?  Are you still booting off of C and it is still a hard-drive with the SSD being a secondary drive letter, like E:, or did you use the move-OS-and-Programs utility that might have come with the SSD to make the SSD as your C: drive and the photos are on the old boot drive that is now a secondary drive letter like E:?


              If your SSD is E: then your photos will still be the same place they always were and you can just open your catalog.


              if your SSD is now bootable C: then your photos will be on the same hard-drive with a new designation, so you have to do right-click Locate Missing Folder in LR Library's Folder panel for each top-level folder.

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                krawfo Level 1

                I'm running Mavericks on an iMac.  The SSD didn't come with any software so I installed the OS and programs from scratch on the SSD.  I'm booting off the SSD and my old HD is now secondary.  I'll give the right click a try.  Unfortunately I have quite a few top-level folders.

                Thanks for the help.