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    Setting up RDS in ColdFusion 11

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      I thought this would be simple, setting up RDS. I have it enabled on a guest VM server using my trusty terribly unsecure test password. But when I go to connect to it in Builder 3 (as a plugin to Eclipse) by clicking "Test Connection" in the "RDS Configuration" screen, it pauses a long while and then gives me a "Read timed out" error. I've been on the phone with Adobe about it, but they couldn't help (and didn't have nearly as detailed solutions as some of those I've found in this forum.)


      I'm running Builder on the same virtual machine as the CF11 server and IIS. I have a specific website set up for it, so I'm using that "host name" in the rds configuration screen of Builder. Port 80. On the advice of the Adobe support person I'm using /CFIDE/administrator/index.cfm for the Context Root (I don't have any other web applications set up on here except for the default "cfusion" one). I'm running ColdFusion via the version of Tomcat that get installed by the installer.


      Anyone been here?