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    Is FrameMaker 9 compatible with Acrobat XI?


      We have the Tech Comms Suite 2 that comes with FrameMaker 9. We are slowly getting away from FrameMaker but still have some documents that we maintain with Frame. However, we would like to upgrade Acrobat to XI. Does anyone know if Acrobat XI is compatible with FrameMaker 9? We are on Windows 7...if that helps.

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          Art_Campbell Level 3

          Too bad about moving away from Frame, since it's steadily improving.


          But yes, the two apsa are compatible. Acrobat is basically a "printer" that

          processes whatever you send it.


          The integration features built into the TCS components may not work well

          because they expect whatever version of Acrobat shipped with it, but

          producing PDFs with all the bells and whistles shouldn't be a problem.




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            Bob Niland (Error 7103) Level 4

            > ... shouldn't be a problem.


            And if it is, depending on the processor brand and Win7 version, you could re-install FM9 & its vintage of Distiller in a virtual machine, which would allow both the old new Acrobat suites to co-exist.