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    Re-installing, uninstalling and installing CC fails after Mac OS in-place reinstall


      My Mac OS Mavericks failed (not bootable) and I had to do a reinstallation of the OS and  the CC Installer.

      I have searched for online solutions including here but none are like mine or if I tried, did not work in fixing Adobe CC.


      The reinstall put my old system, library , applications and system folders on my desktop. My user files, user library was still there.


      I had to put the Adobe CC Apps back into my Applications folder (actually it copied them) and adobe support files back into the respective old locations to try and uninstall them and reinstall them.


      I was able to uninstall Lightroom 4 and 5, Photoshop CC & 2014, Bridge, Muse, InDesign CC & 2014 and CC installer.


      Some of the uninstalls were incomplete or partial or failed. I can not recall all I did, I did also try the clean up tool.

      What I have now is the remains of Indesign cc, indesign CC 2014. The InDesign CC 2014 icon has been replaced with a generic icon with a circle and a slash. Clicking on it gives me the message "You can't open the application "Adobe InDesign CC 2014.app" because it may be damaged or incomplete.


      I have been able to re-install Acrobat XI Pro, Bridge, Photoshop CC and 2014 and Lightroom 4 and 5


      I also have broken Photoshop Elements 11 and 12 still on my computer that will not uninstall, I will try the CD next and reinstall then uninstall.


      ALL of my other third party apps I don't have an issue with it is just Adobe CC.  Can I just trash all the files and will I get into issues with the mother ship when I want to reinstall them?