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    Button Component - trouble

    Denise Hambrick
      I have a button in a flash movie that I need to validate information (if statement) and then send the user to aother frame.

      I have successfully used the attached code with a button made from a symbol, but it is not working on the component.

      I tried switching the button to be a symbol button and can get it to move forward using ("on release... goAndPlay...) but I have not been able to make that button be not visible prior to needing it. That is, the code "_root.valid_btn.visible = false;" has no effect.

      I could go with either button type, but need it to be able to be visible when I need it and not when I don't and need it to follow the command to play after validation.

      Can you help? What is wrong with the action script?

      I appreciate any help you can give me.