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    Why managing layers is so slow?


      Using Edge Animate 2014. I have a sequence of 24 images inside of a Symbol.  All JPG

      The stage is 960px by 400px


      Maybe what I want to do can be done following a different process, but I think that regardless of what I'm trying to accomplish the issue is that when I'm arranging the layers to move up/down as needed is taking around 3 - 5 seconds to do the change.  Selecting more than 5 layers takes the delay to around 15 seconds. And to make the things somehow worst, moving the keyframes is presenting the same delay.


      Already tried:

      - Restarting the computer, opening and closing Edge.

      - Deleting the files from 'C:\Users\userName\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Edge Animate\4.0.0'


      Yesterday I did something similar and didn't had the issue.  It was slow, but not like this.


      System is a HP Workstation, Windows 7 64 bits.  16GB RAM, nVidia card 1GB, the issue happens working on a dual screen or single screen setup.


      Any ideas?