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    Understanding "target colors & clipping"

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      Please can anyone tell me what number would ensure that i have at least one pixel pure black and at least one pixel pure white...? i've realised that 0.01% doesn't do the job... But 1% seems it has gone over the top...i want to go till i reach clipping but no more than that.

      To clarify: let's say there are 10 brightest pixel in an image (i mean any of those pixels are as bright as the rest of the nine pixels) what percentage i should set for highlights so these 10 pixels clip but the pixels slightly darker dont? or if you could answer what 1.00% indicates (Please see the image i have attached)




      Sorry for my poor english

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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          Please refer to

          Photoshop Help | Making quick tonal adjustments



          To specify how much to clip black and white pixels, enter percentages in the Clip text boxes. A value between 0.0% and 1% is recommended.

          By default, Photoshop clips the black and white pixels by 0.1%—that is, it ignores the first 0.1% of either extreme when identifying the lightest and darkest pixels in the image. Because of the better output quality of modern scanners and digital cameras, these default clipping percentages might be too high.


          You seem to be mixing absolute numbers and percentages.