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    Autoscaling still not working correctly?

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      I am using the latest version (2014) of Edge Animate, trying to create a .oam file that I place into Dreamweaver (2014) that is supposed to scale based on the size of the browser. I am checking the box that says 'responsive scaling' when working in Edge animate. I'm noticing this feature still seems to not be working correctly. I can get the width to scale properly by specifying 'width="100%"' in the div of the EDGE object that is placed inside of Dreamweaver when I add the .oam file EDGE animation as media (From the Dreamweaver INSERT=>MEDIA=>EDGE ANIMATION COMPOSITION). When I do this and open up the page in a browser, the width scales fine, but the height does not. What happens is this - as I scale down the size of the browser, it appears to keep the same height (probably in pixels) always, no matter the size of the browser window. So, when the browser is large, the space at the bottom of the EDGE composition is small, and the next divs below the EDGE composition place reasonably well. As I make the browser window smaller - say the size of a tablet, the bottom of the EDGE composition appears to push down the divs below it, creating what looks like a padding or a margin that is significant. As I shrink the browser down even further - say to the size of a smart phone, the gap between the bottom of the EDGE composition and the next div below it is huge - probably about 75% of the entire length of the page.


      I believe this was a known issue in the last version of EDGE ANIMATE ( Create an Edge Animation that fluidly scales width/height inside a website )  and that some workarounds may have been developed, but to me - if I am not missing something simple - is a major flaw in this program. I thought that EDGE ANIMATE was supposed to be a good tool for minimizing the work of writing the code manually in javascript and css, but in this simplest of tasks - just creating an animation and dropping it into the website as a .oam file - isn't working. So I can't really use what the tool generates. My only other choice is to spend days on forums like this  finding a workaround - but then that takes a lot of time and effort for something that should be easy if it just worked correctly. It took me about three hours to develop my EDGE animation, and now it's going on a third day trying to figure out how to get this very simple feature to work correctly when implemented in a browser.

      Am I missing something, or is this just a bug that still doesn't work in EDGE? Is there an easy fix?

      Thanks everyone