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    Desperate plea for help with installing Adobe Flash Player on a Mac with latest OSX


      Good evening. I have to no avail since mid-June been struggling to get Adobe Flash Player installed. I have tried EVERY step listed on the site and the links in the posts here. Multiple times I have sought help from Apple Customer Care--who are wonderful and accessible--they and I have done many technical things seeking to resolve this problem. I have a MacBookPro with the latest OSX. Nothing has worked whether Safe Mode, alternate users, resetting all sorts of settings. I am extremely disappointed that no one seems able to help. I can download Adobe but the installer freezes up, I get the spinning rainbow beach ball, and eventually a generic error message saying an error has been encountered. Close this window and try downloading again.


      I am baffled as to why there is no adequate and quick Customer care available but am earnestly seeking for anyone who can help me to overcome this problem and get Adobe Flash Player installed.


      Thank you very much!