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    duplicate files after moving to other drive

    Claessens Karel



      I moved my Lightroom catalogs and photos to a different drive (larger).


      I copied all photos to the new drive.

      I copied the catalog  as well.


      Both are on a different folder structure.


      I start LR 5.5 with the copied catalog.

      I shows the previous imported photos as previews ok.

      It has a question mark in front of the folder name due to the different folder location.

      I do a "Find Missing Folder" on them and point to the new location.

      It finds the images and everything seems ok. The pictures have the edit icons in the preview bar.


      On 1 occasion I have the new location without editing marks..

      There is another "missing folder" (question mark) with the same pictures that do show. the edit marks.


      These show also as duplicates.


      How do I get this straightened out?