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    lightroom mobile won't sync (stuck)


      i move from apple aperture to lightroom and one of my must have is to sync my photos in to my iPad. with aperture is was easy and simple.



      adobe have release lightroom mobile and it's seems like a great idea.

      at first setup i sync one folder with 300 photos that i want to edit when I'm not home and its work great! but when i want to sync more folders the sync just stuck.

      i delete all and start all over again and it's always stuck. right now i try to sync 1 folder with 22 photos and it's stuck on "syncing 22 photos" 5 hours now and its like that with every try i made in the past week.


      i try to "delete all data" in the preference tab, i try to reinstall lightroom... i try every thing


      I'm using lightroom for mac and i have cc account lightroom + photoshop


      please help me with this