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    no getting started file for first tutorial


      I'm trying to follow the first tutorial.  I downloaded the two things at the top of the page that say Get Files and Get PDF.  I assume these are the "assets" the video talks about.  In the video it shows a file called dw_gettingstarted.  That file is not in the folder start_dreamweaver_firstwebsite.  So where is the getting started file?

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          Maile Valentine Employee Moderator

          Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I'll see about getting the project files re-uploaded with the project so that the folder name matches what is in the video. For now though, the start_dreamweaver-firstwebsite folder contains the same files as the dw_gettingstarted folder David shows in the video, so you can use that and the files in it for the tutorial.


          The Get PDF button will get you the Cheat Sheet showing the shortcut commands within Dreamweaver. This isn't required for the tutorial but can make navigating the options in Dreamweaver easier if you prefer using shortcut keys.


          Let me know if you have any more issues with this, or any of our other tutorials.