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    Why Adobe doesn't use the open source codec x264vfw for Elements as .AVI?


      Well we all know who wants to work with the x264vfw that it does not work in Premiere Elements.

      But i think Adobe could have make it work with the open source x264vfw or with the AVC-Intra coder.


      I am still asking me also why it would work when i do re-encode it with another program to h264 again but as MP4?


      Adobe does itself make it really easy and messing with us. because they are saying there is support for h264 but only for MP4 and another one...


      Why they don't add .AVI support that goes to the support of Adobe because i can't get into the livechat.... because its only under the week....

      This Codec the H264 X264 and AVC-1 are the most used codecs today in my opinion so i don't know why they don't sit their Dev's on that.


      ALSO that it does not work on their 600$ Application named Premiere Pro is something that i don't understand...


      For me its unbelievable if i am honest.



      I now want to know why adobe is such a service desert in this point.

      They all yelling about that but Adobe does nothing.


      If somebody knows a solution without re-encoding or FFMPEG solution, because it does not work well with my Variable Frame Rate in Premiere Elements let it me know.

      Also i want an Answer from Adobe why they don't do anything.


      I tried to put the x264vfw .dll into plugins or the folder but the problem is not solved.


      I am sitting for Quiet a time behind that and see how many threads there existing... and it's only frustrating.

      ADOBE it's time to do something!!!

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Are you aware that this is not Adobe? Just user to user. Adobe does not post here what features it opts to include or not include in its products. And, the visitors to this forum with Adobe Staff tags are few and far between and seem to represent Adobe Help for the everyday workflow glitches for the current as is version.


          If you want answers from Adobe you will have to contact Adobe. And, there is an Adobe Feature Request/Bug Report Form that you can file.

          Adobe - Feature Request/Bug Report Form


          At the present time do you own any version of Premiere Elements or Premiere Pro?



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            Sergadra Level 1

            I still think that a lot of peoples have done that. When you see how many persons are suffering by this problem...


            Well i have not known about the Adobe Staff tags that they are not the real help from the real support.

            Thank you about that.


            Normally i would send a mail but there is no option for that... to they're support team.

            I said that it hard for me to get some support under the week. I have to work from 6am until 5pm with driving. and have to do some things a home.


            Feature Request/Bug Report Form i think will not help or have you used it and got an answer? I want an answer not only request something.


            " We normally do not send personal replies to feature requests or bug reports. We do, however, read each and every message. We use the information to improve our products and services. Your comments, suggestions, and ideas for improvements are very important to us. We appreciate you taking the time to send us this information. "


            And yes i buied last year Premiere Elements to Christmas time.


            I still don't understand why they didn't add support for H264, h264, X264, x264 and AVC-1 for .AVI wrapper when they have the licenses for the codec...

            Also .AVI is really often used... not like .MKV

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              As said, Adobe is the only one who can answer the type of questions that you are asking. And, it does not do it here.


              Out of curiosity I would ask "Have you contacted other manufacturer's of video editing software and were able to get the

              why answers for its marketing strategy and feature set for its current or future versions?


              The Adobe Feature/Bug Report Form and a wait and see seems to be your Adobe opportunity in this regard. So, you wait and see

              if your suggestion turns up in the next version. I am not critiquing, just reporting what appears to be the "what is".