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    Maximize image quality

    nrabinovitch Level 1
      Under Preferences I have set the image quality to 'high' but I still get blurring in images (SnagIt) screen shots which I insert into PowerPoint. When viewing in PPT the images are very clear. But after Presenter has converted them to Flash and published them to Adobe server the images become significantly blurred. Is there any other way to improve the image quality? For example - using a certain file type to insert images into PPT, a setting in PPT, a setting in SnagIt, or a different setting in Presenter? Or, is this just the reality of converting PPT to Flash?
      Any help is appreciated
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          robva65 Level 2
          Unfortunately, Breeze applies some rather heafty compression on bitmap images, including gifs/jpgs and pngs.

          Others have reported that you can improve detail of screenshots a bit by using Captivate to capture the screenshots and then export the imagery as a .swf. Then, go back to the Breeze menu and trace down to the Insert Flash option to import the swf created in Captivate. Results are usually better, but it does require having to take an alternative approach. And for folks who don't have Captivate, it might not be a practical approach either.

          Two other possible solutions, but both require the right kind of software to do it: If you have other applications that export as .swf (like Illustrator, Freehand, etc), you might want to try importing your screenshot and then exporting as a swf from there, or you could do the same thing right from Flash if you have it.

          Hope that helps!