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    Explicit History Code Plug-in for Adobe Products?


      Hello, my name is Matthew Reeves, a graduate student at the University of Utah School of Architecture in Salt Lake City, UT. I hope you are doing well this summer.


      I am currently completing my final semester of architecture school, and have been learning several softwares to assist in design. I encountered an idea that could greatly aid Adobe products.


      21st Century architecture accomplishes most of its designs in Rhinoceros, and develops them in Revit, from Autodesk. Rhinoceros offers great freedom in form, all the while computing the information as exact geometries that can be easily exported to documentation software (i.e. Revit or AutoCAD).


      Rhinoceros has developed a code plug-in known as Grasshopper, which controls the history of command functions in the software and permits modifying each sequential action made, at any point in time. The process is known as "explicit history."


      The image below depicts a typical Rhino geometry with a Grasshopper code depicting every command made along the way, from left to right--such as "rotate," "crv," and "loft"-- with toggles that can modify each command:






      Is there any way an explicit history plug-in can be developed for Adobe products?


      Please let me know if I can clarify the suggestion. I am eager to see this happen, and would use it frequently.

      I am currently a customer advisor, and can be contacted through my account.