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    Lightroom Mobile not syncing the custom order properly. Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug?

    ProkyProky Level 1

      I have the latest Creative Cloud versions of Lightroom and Lightroom Mobile on my Ipad. On my desktop I have created a collection which I have put in a custom order. On my Ipad I go into that collection and set the order to custom order, which I presume means the order I have on my desktop.


      BUT, the first 15 or so photos on the Ipad seem to be just random photos from the collection THEN the rest of the collection is in the correct order after that.


      Is it me doing something stupid or is it a bug in the current latest version?




      I had set up a test collection on my desktop to check it filtered thru to the Ipad, which it did. I later went back to the desktop and deleted that collection, but it is still showing on the Ipad, even a day later, so it doesn't just seem to be a timing issue.


      Another bug?