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    Havok problems

    Roofy Level 1
      Hi there all,
      I am creating a race car game using havok for the chassis and the
      scenery objects, and the RaycastCar script for the wheels. However, I
      got this problem where after applying the RaycastCar script onto my 3d
      scene, the car starts to hiccup. I have never scene this before. What
      I have done so far is I tried looking to see if the car was colliding
      with anything by using the havok's collision list, but nothing was in
      the list. I then looked at the linearVelocity property and here it was
      showing a constant loop from vector(0, 0, 0) to an approximate
      vector(0, -0.598, 0). So in other words, the car would move forward a
      bit and then completely stop as if it was colliding with something.
      However, the collisionlist reported nothing. I also played with the
      time step and sub steps, but adjusting them did not stop the car
      fromhiccuping either. So does anyone know what is causing the car to