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    3D/2D Object Rotation

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      Hello Flash Developers,

      Can you recommend a good book(s) on general Flash project design? I am participating in a project that may have a fair amount of animation, navigation (perhaps using Captivate), and some sort of 3D animation, like some sort of rotating image (a part, or object). This project may also have some zoom requirements. Like to zoom in on an object to see greater detail (aka the MS and Google satellite maps, etc). I would like to know the feasability of doing this type of work using flash, or is it not the right application for a project that may require 3d rotation, and zooming.

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          In my experience, the Flash Player doesn't perform all that well for number crunching tasks like 3d rendering (or even counting from 1 to a million). It is possible with simple objects (like a pyramid or cube) but Flash isn't really a full-blown 3d client optimized for the necessary number crunching.

          As for the zooming in that you are talking about, in flash you can change the scaling of an object to mimic zooming in and out on that object. However, I think googlemaps probably has a more elaborate algorithm that deals with a huge amount of data. If you are looking to replicate those in all of their complexity, you are up for a pretty huge programming task.