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      There is only one way to run Flash stage3D perfectly smoothly, in today's crowded browsers. This is the suggestion I made:

      <<Give the user the option to make the current Flash window that is in focus, run in 'exclusive mode' with the click of a button, (by pausing all other Flash instances in all other browser tabs). So when there is a demanding stage3D app/website/game the user would switch to 'exclusive mode' and make it run without stuttering, enjoying the full PC power. This will boost Flash on the web for demanding AAA games/applications/websites running on the browser and will improve the overall user experience. Then Flash could be used literally for anything, even to provide content for today's UltraHD TVs with the recent extended profile! Now If the user switches to another window or loads another website, Flash would exit exclusive mode automatically and everything will run as usual, until the user decides to switch to exclusive mode again. I think there are no disadvantages with this suggestion, only benefits. It will give more power to the user and to Flash.>>

      (Note: This is an improved version of a previous suggestion I made)


      Vote on the following link:

      Feature request for Flash and Air - uplist