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    Is it true I cannot change the language of my Adobe software?


      Hello everyone,


      I purchased Adobe's Design Standard product and installed. I have recently changed the language of InDesign, which causes 'Adobe Application Manager' to pop up whenever I launch InDesign - claiming my software is on a trial. By reverting the language to the default (Danish in this case) the 'Adobe Application Manager' does not pop up on InDesign startup. I've previously worked in an English workspace and would prefer to continue doing so. I cannot believe changing language should be impossible for a paying user. Am I missing something?


      Any help is appreciated - thanks,


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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'm not a language expert, but what I've heard was that with the Creative Suite products it isn't easy to change language. In fact there's a form you can fill out to apply for a different language version:


          Order product | Platform, language swap


          If you go with a Creative Cloud subscription, all those problems go away. It's as easy as changing a CC preference to switch language versions.

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            Joel Cherney Level 5

            I cannot recall for certain - I stick with the English UI at all times - but I think it matters whether you bought a strictly-Danish edition, or the multilingual edition. Also, I know that there are differences between UI language switching on CS6 versus earlier versions of the Creative Suite. Likewise, there are platform differences between Windows and Mac OS. However, I think that this one link covers all of your options.

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              Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

              As a Creative Cloud subscriber you can install (also additionally) any language without additional cost.


              With the Creative Sutie versions the serial number limits to only one or some languages where this serial is compatibel. It was written on the package for which language it is compatible, in most cases it was restricted to only one language.

              You could ask Adobe for a single platform and/or language changer per version. But this was limited to region. E.g. it was possible to change between EU languages EN, DE, FR, ES, … but it is not possible to change between US-EN to UK-EN or DE because the prices are very different in those regions. In Europe the software costs several times more then in the American continent,, like U.S.A. or Canada or States for Mexico.

              But when a new version was released, it was not possible to make a language change as you could do a normal upgrade.