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    Adding image field


      Problem statement: I have developed a password-protected form (let's call it Form X) in Acrobat XI Pro that I email to clients. The clients fill in and save Form X with Reader and email it back to me.

      Works perfectly, it is nice to have an added layer of security for email.

      The problem is that I now want to add image fields to Form X that will accept JPEGs. One page of such enhanced Form X has one such image field for accepting one JPEG. Above the image field is a simple text field for describing the image.

      Solution attempt: Reading the Adobe forums, I get the impression that Acrobat XI Pro cannot do what I want, I need LiveCycle.

      Question: How do I add an image field to Form X cost-effectively and with the easiest learning curve?

      I am not a programmer, although I do know my way around computers. Help!