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    Lightroom crashes on import


      I am new to using Lightroom 5.5 on my laptop (upgrading only recently)  and Windows 8.1 with latest auto upgrades.  As soon as I attempted to import it crashed.  I did have it working on 9th July.  But I also tried to use LR 4.4 and had similar problems it also crashed with or without LR 5.5 installed.  I tried all sorts of methods and failed including removing and reloading LR5.


      But it is working on my desktop running  Windows 7 with latest auto upgrades


      It appears that I have a solution it is dear old Windows 8!!!  It appears that Windows only auto upgrades essential upgrades NOT THOSE absolutely essential to get imports working for LR.  Now these are loaded I can "import" pictures from my desktop pc.  Laptop is only running LR5 at present so I am optimistic it might be solved!