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    RESTRICT EDITING...Where do I enter the password that allows me to edit the document?


      I want to give my clients the ability to open, save and print documents without having to enter a password but I do not want them to make changes to the PDF. So, I restricted editing by clicking on the "Protection" tab, then the "Restrict Editing" button and entering a password.  This worked great but now I have to make changes to a few of the documents.  I have scoured the internet for an answer but I cannot figure out where the password that enables me to make changes to the PDF is supposed to be enterd.  I even went so far as attempting to remove all security from the document but that has not enabled me to edit the document.  Where am I supposed to enter the password that I created?  What is the point of the password if I cannot enter it anywhere? How do I edit the document?  THANKS!!