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    Help! Conflict in calling .CR2 photos that have been converted to .DNG


      I imported RAW images (Canon's extension .CR2) to a catalog and copied this catalog to some other location. Later, I converted the photos to .DNG inside one of those 2 catalogs that I have now lost. I still have the dng photos, but now I only have the other catalog that calls them as .CR2, therefore it doesn't recognize the dng ones as the same photos.


      It says the photos are missing and the only way I've found to fix it is clicking one image, finding its dng correspondent and manually confirming to lightroom that they are the same picture. This process would be ok if I didn't need to do it individually in each of the 3000 photos I have.


      Is there any other way around this? A way I can make lightroom understand the entire folder has the same photos with a different extension? Or a way to make Lightroom call the 3000 photos as dngs?


      Help, please! :/