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    My dream  ...

      I am looking for a service where my Flash/PHP video upload script can pass a video to a third party web service to get converted and then passed back to my php script to store the result on my server?

      My target is to convert all videos to FLV.

      I would rather use a service like the one described above than look for a web host provider that supplies FFMPEG to accomplish the conversion myself.

      Is there such a service available for pay by video converted via this PHP scheme? Most of my uploads will be less than 5 seconds in length so the pricing needs to accommodate small conversion jobs.

      In my mind they should provide the base Flash/PHP script that I can modify which includes their PHP exit to pass the file to their conversion service and back.

      The script should also include...
      - Flash script prompt for Userid and PW to pass to PHP security check to limit who can upload
      - Flash script passes variable to PHP designating where to write the file on the server
      - Flash script passes text to be embossed as water mark on the converted video.



      PS. If you don't know of such a service do you know where I can find a script that does this using a local instance of FFMPEG??