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    Want to prevent title tag changing to file name when importing HTML

    RiverLord Level 1

      When you import a HTML file into Robohelp it automatically changes the html title tag to match the file name. Is there any way to override this behavior, so it leaves the title tag as it is?

      I am importing HTML files generated by a 3rd party system. They have meaningful html title tags e.g. "Patient Care", but meaningless file names eg. "ab22254.htm".

      I want to generate WebHelp. The problem is that the Search tab shows found topics in a list by their titles, so instead of getting "Patient Care" in such a list I am now getting "ab22254".

      I cannot easily change the filenames in the 3rd party system and besides this problem I have no reason for doing so. (I do not need meaningful names in order to generate the TOC as I start by importing a HTML Help project that includes a TOC that works with the autogenerated filenames.)

      Any help would be appreciated.