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    map module: keywording, text selection and links

    Michael Halberstadt Level 1

      Maybe I'm missing something but.....


      Ok this is great, I've got a camera with built in GPS, and another camera that I just use my phone to geotag. I import my photos and voila, they now show up more or less in the right spot on a map in Lightroom. Fantastic!


      So, I'm keywording now, and I can see all sorts of information in the map module in Lightroom I'd like to add. In this case I'm back from a trip and I'm looking at, for example, a few photos I've taken of what I now know was the "Temple of Hephaestus" in Athens, Greece. I can see the label "Temple of Hephaestus" in the map module, but I can't select or copy the text. I can also see what appears to be a link that says "more info" but clicking on that doesn't do anything.


      Am I missing something?! It is great to be able to view my photos on a map. But is there any reason why I shouldn't be able to copy text from the map, or follow the links that are shown on it? Of course I can just note the landmarks on the map and do a search for them, but it's time consuming and seemingly unnecessary. I've got a few thousand photos to keyword and it would be nice to be able to just copy and paste and avoid spelling errors etc.


      Perhaps there's a setting I need to change or something?


      and if it matters: I'm using Lightroom 5.5 on Windows 7