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    LR Mobile as Backup for iPhone

    dohearne Level 1

      I switched to LR a year ago and pleased with the results. I also recently installed LR Mobile on my iPad and now iPhone. Because I have a legacy file structure I leave my files in my computers file system and import referenced files. I have used Dropbox and Google Plus to backup my iPhone and iPad pictures but with LR Mobile I can turn on auto import which puts the files into a Mobile lrcat file which I don't entirely understand but I believe stores the original files into a lightroom readable file on my desktop computer. Because my desktop is backed up to both an external hard drive and the cloud (plus I backup my LR catalog to Dropbox), I think this means I can stop the Dropbox and Google Plus backups of my phone/iPad even if I subsequently delete the images from these devices. Is this correct? BTW, I really like LR Mobile.