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    Extracting a Small Part of the Whole


      I have edited a complete video in Adobe Premiere Elements 9 (prehistoric, I know!) and now want to take a section of that video and turn it into a separate project. Simply opening a new project and copy/pasting that section in doesn't work. It is a two hour long complete video so I don't want to export the whole thing just for this seventeen minute section. What is the easiest way to extract this portion from the video?

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          What computer operating system is your Premiere Elements 9.0/9.0.1 running on?


          Set the project preset to match the properties of your source video and import the file into Premiere Elements with its Get Media/Files and Folders.


          Drag the file to the Timeline.


          This is a two part must do


          1. In the Edit workspace, set the gray tabs of the Work Area Bar to span just the segment that you want to export to file.

          Move the Timeline Indicator to the start of the segment, then hold down the Alt key of the computer main keyboard as you hit the left bracket key [

          Then move the Timeline Indicator to the end of the segment, then hold down the Alt key as you hit the right bracket key ]


          2. Then go to Share/Computer/ and select your export choice. But, you choice must have the "Share Work Area Bar" option in its export area and that option must have a check mark next to it.


          There are many export choices to choose from. And, most can be customized under the Advanced Button/Video Tab and Audio Tab of the preset selected.

          I would be glad to give you specific settings but I would need information about your project settings, source media properties, and your intended

          export needs.


          What did you use for the copy paste between Premiere Elements projects - ClipMate in conjunction with Premiere Elements or something else?


          ClipMate is a Windows Only software.


          Please review, consider, and then we can decide what next if necessary.


          Thank you.