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    Video post processing/quality control no longer works in flash player


      I use to watch videos via http://www.channel5.com and was able to use the post processing features in the AMD driver to improve the picture quality.


      Now, it no longer works. Is this because hardware acceleration isn't working?


      For a while I was able to use it in Internet Explorer, Sometimes in Firefox but never in Chrome. Now even with internet explorer it doesn't seem to work correctly.


      I am using the latest flash versions for all platforms and the latest browser and driver version from AMD too.


      Has Adobe changed something with the latest version of flash which cause a problem with the AMD Driver? Why is there no longer a Hardware Acceleration check-box in Internet Explorer?


      I am using Windows 8.1 and I have the setting in the AMD CCC "apply current vdieo quality settings to internet video" checked. I have made sure in Firefox and Chrome hardware acceleration is enabled both in flash player settings and in the browser settings.


      Thanks for any pointers you can give.