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    TOC - removing one dot after an entry (before the dot leader)


      Can anyone help me with an issues I'm having with the TOC in InDesign?  I'm working in CS5, but I've had the same issue in CC.


      Here's what's happening:

      I have a TOC for figures that show up in a document. Each figure has a caption (for example: Figure 1 Triangle.)

      Those captions have a paragraph styles assigned to them, and that paragraph style links to the TOC for the figure list.


      Do you see the "." at the end of the caption? That dot goes into the TOC entry as well. This looks bad because there is a space between that "." and the dot leader that comes after the entry. I am at wit's end to figure out how to get rid of that space, or get rid of the dot, or something. The client is very adamant about there being a "." at the end of the caption, and there NOT being a dot at the end of the entry in the TOC.


      Please help. What should I do??