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    CC, CC 64 Bit, and CC 2014? WTF?

    Neofilm Level 1

      It's bad enough Adobe can't figure out how to make the same features in one program work the same in a different program. To top it off, instead of improving what are now "apps" and integrating we now have more new programs to do the same thing (e.g. not just one for website creation, not just one for photos, not just one for illustrations, not just one for animation, etc...) and to top it off again they get rid of important programs like Soundbooth, and stop upgrading ones we need like Encore. I am beginning to think the CC is for Creative Chaos not Creative Cloud....


      So, I uninstalled my CS5 master suite finally and moved presumably up to CC. But, now do I not only have more than one program to do the same thing more now I also have 3 of each! Wow! That's STUPID. Sorry, I hate using that word, but what in the hell?


      Why is it when I go to my programs I have a CC version, a CC 64 bit, and now new to the Creative Chaos we have CC 2014 versions!!!!          What? Really? Someone, please help me maintain my sanity. Before I realized it I was using Premiere CC then I inadvertantly started using CC 2014. Then I was like "something is missing, oh, wait, what? there's more than one version of premiere in CC???" Then I realized "oh, there's 3 of Illustrator, Photoshop, and inDesign?


      I of course have a 64 bit system, so should I only use the 64 bit versions and just delete the shortcuts to the others? and when there isn't a 64bit version but instead just a CC and a CC2014 version, which do I use? I mean, I assume the CC 2014. But, in 2014 will something change, will I be like "damn it, I should have been using the CC not the CC2014"?

      Adobe, please clean up all your software, boil it down to just the ones we need, we don't need more than one program to do THE SAME THING. and once you boil it down, don't give us three versions of it, ask "do you want the 64 bit version or the 32" and we'll be happy to download precisely what we need. Or better yet, figure out a way to make it work with one program. And, of course while you're at it combine the CC and CC XXXX version of each, WTF???