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    How to get Adobe to fix a bug with Digital Signatures?


      This is related to my previous posting.  There is a bug in Adobe Acrobat.  I don't know when it was introduced but it was in the last couple months.  I can no longer digitally sign PDF Portfolios.  I don't think anyone using Adobe Acrobat Pro XI can sign a Portfolio.  I reported it to Adobe 11 days ago.   Every day I check and I can't get an answer on when they are going to fix this. All I hear is  the " issue has been escalated to our senior support team."   This is stopping me from doing some things that are important to me.


      Does anyone know how to get Adobe's attention to fix a bug?  to escalate the priority?  If enough people complain, does it get fixed?

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You have already posted this question elsewhere. Multiple posts will not increase the speed a fix will become available. Having several hundred or thousand verified users report the issue to the bug report might help. Having a company or two in the Fortune 500 with 1000s of licenses contact their support representative will help.  A few repeated posts by the same user on this forum—not so much.